They move suddenly
    all in a rush.
    Looking like small black
    things at first blush.

    Suddenly they stop
    making you wish
    for a cop.
    but this is no time to fish.

    But to no avail, you must
    make your stand
    make them think you're just
    a regular man.

    They look you in the
    eye you see.
    First there was one
    now there are three.

    Rushing in, all around
    trying to push you
    to the ground.
    I tell you this all is all true.

    But this I tell you
    is very clear.
    Letters make; glocks, knives
    and other ghetto gear.

    Dance to the letters
    you must.
    The piper is calling, with fetters
    to earn your trust.

    Straight into your heart
    I tell you they go.
    but you must play your part
    in order to resist the flow.

    I hope the meaning
    is clear.
    I tell you, you
    have much to fear.

    Jeffrey c McMahan
    5-17-12 copy right
Drive by Letters
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