You must not forget
The Space We made
Together, or alone
We Travel at a mysterious
Well Beaten Paths
Of Forgotten Snows
The white hare
The sparrows trill
Together we will sit
Calmly Quietly Still
Until we Approach
The Maze so Filled
With Forgotten paths By Ways so Still
wandering up and down
Until we reach Our Goal
And rest upon the New
Fallen Snow

Jeffrey  C. McMahan  Nov 11 06
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Two Mountains Love
    There once was two Mountains who loved one another. From the beginning
    of Creation, to the fulfillment of time, they were separated. In their loneliness
    they wept. For that which kept them apart, was a valley, which neither could
    cross. High up on the shoulders of the two mountains, there was a spring.
    Not of one, or the other, but, of both, complete into itself. The water of this
    spring brought forth, from the earth life. Out it flowed; bubbling, cool, clear
    and bright, into the valley it flowed. It formed into a stream, and fell down
    the valley, between the two mountains. The tears of the two mountains
    nourished the stream, and, it became into a river, flowing into the plains
    below. Bringing life, into the plains below. After which it flowed into a sea, a
    great sea, of water and life

    The two mountains knew of this stream, and came to drink of the waters of
    life. Each time, both receiving, and giving, into the waters of life. For each
    time they came to drink, they left of themselves, into the water, which, then
    flowed into the plains, and into the sea of water and life. But they could not
    give fully of themselves, and they were still alone.

    Many years went by. The ages came and went. The two mountains would
    see of each other, when they came down to the stream to drink. One would
    come down as the other was leaving. Their love grew stronger. Each time
    they would leave more of themselves, hoping, let one day they would unite.

    Their loneliness grew greater
    Their tears made the river rage
    They came down to the stream to drink
    Finally meeting
    At the same time
    Facing each other
    From across the stream
    Reaching out
    They held each other
    Giving themselves
    Into the river completely

    There once was a delta, in the sea, of water and life...

    Jeffrey C McMahan
    written 4-12-96
    this publication 6-07 11
As I lay there, barely sleeping.
And my dreams came silently creeping.
When in through my open window flew.
A large black bird with eyes askew.
It flew right in I couldn't stop it.
It perched on my    just to hang around a bit.
It spoke to me in a verse.
That was hard to follow
And made me think of the worst.
Black and dark he spoke of things
Let made me shudder, and in my head ring.
Thoughts of hell, and in the abyss I go.
To follow, that sad tail of woe.
Deeper and deeper I travel
Until I reach a pinnacle of despair.
And on it Impaled.
Was a young lass, so dear
I thought to myself, what is she doing here?
I asked the bird to tell me more.
But he just shook his head
And said  "nevermore"

Jeffrey C McMahan
written Oct 2004
prev. pub. 10-9-04
this pub. 6-11-11
rev. 6-11-11
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Ahh, too soon we part this dusty Jewel
To walk in Splendor, in Wonder and in Awe
To know the Joy of Mystery' deep
To plumb the well of knowledge, oh so deep.
Until we wake from slumber, and we meet.
To create and do, like our Fathers have.

Mar 18 2013 JCMCMahan