An act of faith is divine,
    that which flows, is a wonder.

    An act of devotion is divine,
    and when performed
    is a lovely thing.

    An act of mercy is divine,
    and brings healing and forgiveness
    to the subject.

    A man can be contrite.
    Repentance is an act,
    bringing forgiveness in it's wings.

    A man sins, and it is divine,
    by his act, he realizes his guilt.
    Who could not take pity,
    and through mercy, help bear his burden.

    A man sins, and is forgiven.
    A child dies from starvation.
    Both of them have fallen
    for wont of love.
    Yet both are loved equally.

    A man may love, yet be unlovely,
    none may know his guilt.
    Yet he is not forgotten
    mercy stands as a rampart, thrust
    into the sea.

    An act of love, knows no barrier.
    Yet we build walls, establish borders,
    to separate us, from that,
    which we know not.

    To sin is of man, to become contrite,
    is it's due, yet who will pay the price,
    in order to approach divinity,
    and be forgiven.

    A man has form, and moves
    according to his ways.
    What more can be asked of an Angel
    then to consider the consequences
    of his actions, and tremble?

    All rights reserved Jeffrey C McMahan
    composed Jul 10, 2012
Adventures into the Paradigm
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