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The Sublimation of Vapours

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Jeffrey Craig McMahan


For His Children so that
They may come to know
And remain Children.

To this end I freely give,
unlimited copy privileges,
to the world, this document.
Excepting reissue for profit.

It is a science of Mind.
The science of Science,
Is well known, and can be
More enumerated on.
But that is not the direction,
that this paper follows

It offers a physical science,
as but one of four
And all four are central,
To My Thesis.

I assure you.

The story I tell is not new, It has been told through and through, I give You: your Life, your Birth, your Death, can You
give Me all the rest? Tell Me! Did you have a good World when you died; enough to base a movie on? Have you
forgotten the Keys to the Kingdoms? Have you been borne yet? And are you alive? All those standing, will await the next
showing. J.D.Morrison
What a piece of work is Man!
How Noble in Reason!
How Infinite in Faculties!
In Form and Moving, how Express,
And Admirable!

In Action, how like an Angel!
In Apprehension how like a God!  W. Shakespeare Hamlet II ii

I know not of late, but wherefore
I know not
My Stone
My Mirth   W.S. Hamlet adaptation by Rado/Ragni

This most Extant Canopy
The Air,
The Flu.    adaptation by Rado/Ragni

This Brave/ or Hanging Firmament?  adaptation  by  Rado/Ragni

This Majestic Root.
This Flooded,
This Threaded- with Golden Fire.      adaptation of Rado/Ragni

What it a piece,
It seems to Me,
A valid Postulant.
A Congregation,
Of Vapours          adapt Rado/Ragni

And Yet,
To Me.
What is this, this Quintessence?
This Dust!    W.S. Hamlet
The Welcome
Welcome, O Sun, O Child of Science. I bid Thee greetings, and fair health. I will give you three things; you will be
blessed, if you seek the fourth. The Quintessence is that, which is, and that which is in All. And also resides in
you. O Child of Science.
A Short Thesis
O Child wither did this Knowledge come from. From whence did it came. My answer! From that Rock, that Rock of
Ages, that Stone, My Stone of Mirth. “A Goodly Friend, the Earth sends to me, a Golden Stare, a Promontory.”
R/R and co. And yet, what to me; is this Quintessence, this Dust? W.S
The Lesson Plan
My plan is to; make you think, to make you question, and to give you dear reader; a desire to learn more about
my ideas and concepts. I will relate them in such fashion and form, as to; if you so desire; to learn more of my
ideas; and embark on a Path of Knowledge, you will have a familiarity with some Core Truths of all man. Even
unto you, O Child of Science. Which I will set You forth with, with My Blessing. That is the fourth thing, and Your
The Lesson Apologia
Nothing would so please me as let that my words, and my teachings be read, and questioned by young adults.
Viz. twenty year old individuals. These teachings of the Royal Academies, have been spoken of since the Dawn
of the Beginning. And they continue to be spoken of to this day. Beyond Portals covered by four walls, in silence
they work, guarding their silence well. These are the Men and Women, who do stand, in the Assembly of Men;
who I look to as; Adepts, Lords, and Masters. These are My Elders, and my Brothers and Sisters. But I do not
direct my words to them. I direct my words to twenty year old, men and women. To that end, my colloquialism will
be formed and structured. I shall attempt at all times, to use the most basic language structure; so as to be,
readably read, and readably understood.
The Teacher
I am a male close to halfway through his fourth decade. I have been seeking for most of that time. The reason, I
had naught. Now, what I have I give to you. I don’t claim it to be much. The Students, the Masters, the Doctors,
and Adepts; are numerous, and to all things, I defer to them. I can find these Men and Women, among all
Societies, Faiths, and Creeds. Yet, they know me not as Brother. It’s well time I introduced myself. This Paper is
my introduction.
The Classroom
Sun of Science, Child of the Mysteries! I can not think of none better then the Earth herself, as a source of all
reference. Manifesting herself in Nature; and the nature of Nature! Viz. the nature of the Physical Bodies; the
nature of experiencing these Bodies, and the nature of Origin. All these will require a study of the Physical, the
Mind, and the origin of same. This will require three separate sciences. We will go as far as I need to in each one
to develop my central Thesis. So come with me, and we will demonstrate with a logical progression. As we go in
search of, Origin and Meaning.
A Story
Once there was one thing, and all that was, was that one thing, but, there was that, which was not that thing. If
that, let was not the one thing, was even something, I do not conjecture. Nor do I wish to attach any
characteristics or attributes to the one, let was indeed something. And, which was, and still is, and will remain so.
In an Act, the one projected unto that which was not it. And a Void formed in that which was not it. Now, we have
three things; the One, the one that was the Other, and the Void in the Other. That void is Our Universe. That
Mighty Mysterious Act; viz Influence, created the Eflu viz that which was influenced, or the Effluent! That was the
beginning of things, and, still is something...
A Science
Now, currant ideas about Physics, particularly Chemistry; is that before there was much of anything, there was a
vast extant of Hydrogen and Helium. And I here tell you all that was other then Hydrogen and Helium, is about to
become Potash (what is left after incineration) in this Alembic (reactionary vessel) created by what we know not.
Helium is an inert gas, and Hydrogen is the first Element. So here we have the big picture, the portent of things to
come. This is what happened. The Universe was still under the influence of the One. And it became quite hot. We
see heat, and I do tell you where there is Heat, there is indeed Fire, more on that later. We have a Vaporous Gas
Atmosphere, or in the words of the Ancients, Air. We have heat, so once again I mention Fire; two Elementals our
Ancients spoke of and enumerated. Now, until Oxygen entered the picture, we just had Air and Heat (Fire). And
here I draw your attention to the Periodic Table of the Elements. Why? Because there is a specific reason they are
called The Periodic Table of . The currant idea of the creation of elemental forms is that they evolved, most likely
from Hydrogen. That is all I’ll go on about that though. We will jump up to Oxygen, and note how two Hydrogen
atoms combine with an Oxygen atom and form Water. The third Elemental enters the scene. Just like the Ancients
said! Water was the first body of the Universe. And I dare say, the fact of Earth, is under your feet. The four
Elemental forms of the Ancients, are still the four Elemental forms to this day. Now we see our natural Alembic,
having the four Elemental forms. And now we see Fire (Heat) increasing at a quick little gallop. We have Water,
running around collecting Dust. And when Suns were borne, they themselves began to exhibit fiery tendencies.
And, we are left with; Potash, and, whatever Dust the Waters had collected to this point, and the Suns. So, we
have the first body, Water; the second elemental form, Fire (heat). We have Air. And we have Earths–the Dusts in
the Water, and the Potashes remaining apart from the Water. We see that Fire (Suns) followed Water, so we also
know that the Water contains the spark, of the elemental form, Fire. Now after the Suns came a great cooling,
Water was still vaporous, viz Air; was a Body, and carried Earths. So, we see Air, is also an element of Water, or,
we should say that Air possesses the Water. This is what happened, as things cooled down, Sublimates formed,
this is a process of accretion, a natural process, let happens in the Alembics of the Laboratory, and, in this vast
Alembic of Mysterious Origin. Heat (Energy) causes Vaporization, then a reaction can happen, which, afterwards
Sublimates form; this is the Process of growth of the Physical Bodies. Our Earth is a result of this Process. This
Cycle; Vaporization (Generation) caused by adding energy. Sublimation (Regeneration) occurring in the cool down
phase. Our Planet, a Living and Breathing Entity! Any Scientist will tell you this. So it goes, we have the four
Elementals; active since the early beginning of the Universe. Obeying the natural Physics, the natural Chemistry,
the natural Laws, and will continue to do so, allowing for Entropy; and the lose of Suns, here and there. And, we
have one more element to add, more on that later.
A Digression
Not only from science, but back in time; the digression that is. A time much before the Ancients! We will watch the
Elemental Body, Water, in the great heat up that led to the birth of Suns. Since we know it takes Oxygen to have
Fire, we will accept Water being before the Suns as a matter of course. Now, we have to imagine, a vast amount of
Hydrogen and Helium Vapours, the Universal Atmosphere, viz Air. We watch this cooker get very hot until Oxygen
enters the picture. And the rest is history my dear reader. The first Elemental Body, Water, was indeed vaporous,
and was scurrying around collecting the Dust of the Universe. When the right moment arrived, we see Suns, then
due to the localized Fire (Suns), a general and sudden cooling. Then we see these Water particles containing
Dust, we see the Potash, viz what was left after the big spark-a-roo torched the Hydrogen and Helium off. So, first
the Air, then the Water, then the Fire (Suns) Then we have a sudden cooling, we see sublimates form. The Water
particles attracting into other Water particles; the Dust moves to the center of the combined Water particles. And
we see the Accretion of the Earth Bodies, from Dust! “And yet what to me, is this Quintessence, this Dust?

I will now introduce you to the fifth Elemental. Quint, being a name, or a root (prefix in this case) for the number five.
Quintessence; is also defined as the purest essence of something. Irregardless of what Shakespeare used the
word as, I use it accordingly; as both; that which has five essences, and, the purest form of everything (something).
Because; I tell you, it has been active in the universe since the beginning, it was before the beginning, and it will
remain so. And since we identify the four Elementals, early in the history of this Universe; and since there has to be
an influence to all that is influenced; and to look further back in time, will lead only to more and more mystery; we
have to add another Elemental Form, the Elemental Influence. Which we will think of as Salt, or Seed, for awhile! So
this completes the elements of the Elementary Forms, which are a part of all Bodies; Mineral, Vegetative, and
Animal. The Three Kingdoms, all have this Quintessence, forming into each Individual (s) number and form. (Just a
fancy way of saying an individual’s makeup) Salts form into Metals eventually. Salts are formed when Metals are
reduced; either by Oxidizing, or Dissolved with Solvents. And guess what the universal solvent is? Water! And as
Science tells us a body stays at rest until acted on by an outside force, they rest easy. And since we can identify
many Bodies in Motion! And since saying something arose out of nothing is absurd. We have to allow a Primordial
element. The Primary Mover, of all that is something. We will call it the Fifth Elemental. Since we have seen Bodies
in motion early in the history of our Universe, and we have to acknowledge it as something, we will call it Seed, or
Salt. I prefer Salt, because it’s such a common substance. Seed is more descriptive, though, as it seems to be the
substance that led to the germination of all things.

Every thing that is a body; has the Fire, contained by the Water; Earth being collected and accreted; and we have
Air, possessing them all. Remember, we had to say that Hydrogen and Helium comprised an Atmosphere. Thus, all
we see, was, and still is; a Quintessence, of Dust. Except perhaps Suns, the Modern day Scientist has me there.
Oh well! I have a news flash for them! We can make Ozone; Lightening is what produces Ozone in Nature! Will
someone please tell me they know that! Those; with the Telsa Coils, which look quite impressive, especially when in
operation. Spending huge amounts of our Planets resources! Building, High Energy Particle Colliders! Telling us
we have destroyed the planet, while they destroy little tiny things, which the only reason they know of them, is let
they leave traces in substances, much like a photograph, as the actual whatever, goes flinging away into
somewhere, and only leaves the Effluent as a trace in their substances. Lets just leave them all staring at their
Quarks, looking for that which we already know, and that, which has already found us.

Now, the Fifth Elemental we had to accept on necessity, we have to say it was before we was, or are, I dare say.
And has been doing whatever it has been doing since then. And we surely hope it will continue to do so for a bit
longer. Since it is the Influence, the Universe is the Effluent, along with everything we can eat, see, and smell. I won’
t go in on the ear thing, as that is just to fashionable; quite yet. So, this is how it started, this is the way it is. The
Four Elementals, combined with the Fifth; produce all we see, taste, and smell, and even get touchy with, if we so
desire. We are but the Dust of the Universe, seeded by the Fifth Elemental, which is without, yet also within. And
now I talk about actual Salt, because I tell you, the most simple Minerals are Salts. And since we did not find a
Tomato or any Apples early in the History of the Universe, we must say the first Earthy Body was Salts. So, the four
elementals combined with the fifth, produce the Universal Salt. Sodium Chloride! And everything, let is not that, is
another salt substance, potash, or dust. And the Accretion of Bodies, accounts for what we see today. Our Planet
has a Generative, and a Regenerative Cycle, the self-same Vaporization, and Sublimation, of Vaporous; Water,
Dusts, Salts, and Potashes. Our Planet is Growing, or was until the hunger for Gold struck Man’s Heart with Desire
for it. Our Planet will not continue to be, if we rob Her of Her Natural Resources. They are called natural resources,
because they grow, become heavier, sink down and work on the Compounds they find, grow into heavier Bodies,
and sink deeper. And the Process of Vaporization and Sublimation continues as it has since the beginning. And
now, since Gold has been transmutated into paper, viz colorful paper, we find a very heavy substance, stored
above ground, while it belongs, among all of our other Molten things, that also weigh a lot, there, along with all our
other Molten Bodies. But this is not about our Planets future; it is about our history, and about our Natural Bodies.
So these are the Keys to this science; Generation, and Regeneration; and the process of Vaporization and
Sublimation that supports it.
A Sophistry
And I call it that for excellent reasons. That is because I do not want to stay with the physical sciences. I will skirt
them around, by saying that not many can say much more, but, they will spend hours to do it, at great length. I will
have to construct a system that will explain how and why I am writing this; and, how and why you are reading it. I
am the Philo, the Sopha is the story I weave. The words do move; the mind to think. The product is a Philosophy. A
Construction! The Art of the Mind!

My first construction will be the production of a stone. Viz. Thee Stone! I lay that out for you. And will say let, that,
is the foundation of my extrapolation, it represents the Corporal Bodies, the Body Extant; all that is the Body,
according to its Form. The Stone is soft, it can be inscribed on, not necessarily by the holder of it. Now remember,
this is a construction of the Mind. This Stone is a simple, basic, Primordial Stone. We can think of it as a Water
Stone, viz Sandstone, Lime. Yes, a Primordial Hydrolith.

I give to thee, O Child of Science, this Stone. The Foundation of My Sophistry!

Now we will take that Stone, that Philosophical representation of a Corporate Body. And develop and give meaning
to it, by means of a continued sophistry. We will narrow our focus on the Human Body. Surely none will deny the
Human Body is a Corporate Body, and if so; let us not listen to them. And since I have named the Stone as
representing a Corporal Body, and let it is the foundation of this philosophy, we will continue to hear of it, and we
will stand on it. Let us stand up on this Stone, and see what happens. Ok, everyone up on their personal
representation of your body. Now, also by means of a sophistry, I will bring in the action of Vaporization and
Sublimation. We have seen it in the Physical Bodies; in the process of growth; as the; Generative and
Regenerative Cycle. And that is how we will think of it. When we vaporize, we will think of that as thinking, or
thought; and when we come up with an answer to our musings, we will say we sublimate them (our thoughts)
Thereby causing our Accretion of, Meanings, Knowledge, and so forth! Do that now, Vaporize, Sublimate! Oooow!
Do it several times in a row! Ok, now I will give a number to the stone we are standing on, the number One.
Vaporize and Sublimate that! Now, since we have thought of something, we identify thought, as a nature of our
bodies. We will add thought along with our stone and say it is number two. We will consider thought to be an Active
Principle; which requires a passive principle to compliment it. We will imagine that thought, or #2 is up and to our
left. Across from it at the same level will be #3 the vessel of our thoughts, which we will think of as wisdom(s), our
personal wisdoms. Also, we will think of it as the vessel of our memories. So, to recapitulate, we have three things;
the Stone we are standing on (a fabrication). Our Thoughts, an Active Principle; and our Personal Wisdom Vessel,
a Passive Principle, or, our memories of our experiences and what we thought about them. And since we can
identify two out of the three things I have introduced to this point, as something we know we possess; and since
there are more I will be bringing in to this discussion; I will continue to Count and Enumerate, and assign, values,
or weights to the numbers. Or to say it more simple, extrapolate and expound on my extrapolation. Which sounds
to circular to pay to much attention to, but I offer it for your disposal. Wow!]] Indeed, the process of Generation, i.e.
vaporization, an Active Principle; leads to Regeneration i.e. sublimation, the Passive Principle. And leads to
Growth of the Body, and as we have seen, the Mind. But just wait, I have seven more numbers to give you. So don’
t tune out, Vaporize, Sublimate. As we go in search of, just exactly what is happening up in our collective attic’s(s)

And now, as we look at the Four Elemental Forms, with that Mysterious Fifth one that forms the Quintessence of all
things; we will take that fifth one, and use it in my structure. It will be the fourth thing I add to my structure. We will
place it on the Stone. We will imagine it can move above the Stone, but when it is above, it leaves an essential part
of it with the Stone, which I will call its Shadow, which binds the fourth thing to the first (#1), the Stone. We will also
imagine that when we rise on the fourth( 4th) thing we rise above the Stone.. More on that later! Also we will
imagine let when we Vaporize (think) and then Sublimate (memorize our experiences) The Sublimates fall on the
Fourth thing, accreting it, causing our personal growth. Go ahead and vaporize. Now, what else is reasonably
identified as being a typical Human experience? We will think about this wisely, we see; asking questions of our
memories, or personal wisdoms; considering what they mean, is an Act. Well now! Seems we have to add
something here. Asking questions of our memories has to be a higher function of thought. And it is, we will call it
Reason. And add it to my structure above thought as number five #5. And it is an Active Principle and as such has
to have a Passive Principle associated with it. Which it does, Truth, our personal truths, the sixth, or #6 of my

And now the Sage asks us, “What is this, this Quintessence, this Dust?” W.S. Hamlet. The self-same thing let I
called the Seed, the Salt. It is one of the Five Elementary Forms. And I now have placed it as the fourth of my
Structure. And we are looking upon to Reason; and I’m sure you are beginning to question my reasoning skills, I’m
so sure; well, are you not? And yet, what to me; is this Quintessence, this Dust?

He Doth Ask!

Well, how about I ask myself that, and give you an answer. Unfortunately I will have to leave the realm of another
science to do so. We are in search of Meanings and Origin and we have to fully develop the Human experiences,
and categorize them, if we hope to get above this world of thought, wisdoms; and, reason, and truths. I will
continue to build this Structure I have begun, because it is just so fashionable. And extremely useful, as we shall
see! I hope you will continue to read, even though you may not like the title.
A Theo Sophistry
Theo is a good word as we will be eventually be looking at Origins and Meanings, and such. But now, here on the
Earth, we have six things accumulated and enumerated. And the fourth thing I added to the structure we rise up
on; up to finer and better aspects of Humunology. Now, examining our Reason, we see it as a Active Principle, we
will think of it as focusing our attention on our accumulation of Memories (Wisdoms) trying to understand what
they mean, and if we arrive at a answer, adding them to the vessel of our reason, our personal Truth Pot.

And now, at the risk of being extremely fashionable, we will go to the Moon. Why? You may ask. Because on the
Moon I can branch into five topics, the Moon Herself is one thing, which contains four things, Her Seasons. Her
season, the full cycle, will be a thing, and the four phases, I will enumerate as topics, while waiting for the Moon to
complete Her cycle. I will now remark let ancient knowledge, Truths, Wisdoms, have not essentially changed, or
deviated, since the time they were established as such. Except, perhaps in this paper!  Long after we forgot who
actually uttered that, we invented paper. The Greeks were hot on the atom, yet that was long after the Ideas and
Concepts were spoken of. See, Hermes. Vaporize, Sublimate.

Now, Accretion, a natural process of growth that we can see and identify, is basically paraphrased as; A natural
process in nature is let every thing seeks a higher form. Therefore; if we know; let we ourselves, can achieve a
higher form, it behooves us to at least consider doing so. This is what we are seeking, higher functions, finer
things, that we can identify in our human experience. I will tell you now how my story ends; and, the direction it will
take. It will end in Water, where we would experience the Salt of us; we will see this place from Mercury; out there
we will see Venus, and just beyond, our beautiful, Blue Green Planet. How fashionable I ask you, is that? The
reason I say; “where we would”; is let it takes a practice to do this. And just because I write the narrative does not
mean we; You or I, could accomplish it in such short notice. We will also be going to branch into four topics, while
waiting for the Moon to complete Her cycle. And the focus of the Essay’s development will be on the finer things in
the human experience. The four topics will take the form of Precepts.

First phase; New to first Quarter.
See how Nature cloaks Herself. In all Her history, not one dollar has
exchanged hands to do this.

Second Phase, first Quarter to Full.
See how Nature only takes what She needs, and gives to the Needy.

Third phase, Full to Last Quarter.
All that is done, is done to more then one. Even unto yourselves. You
do something, it also happens in your mind, and also above you.

New Moon.
Always  look  below  you  for  the  needy  in  their  distress.
Ok, now we are almost finished on the Moon, in fact we are; except for me stating the reason for the dark of the
Moon, is that the Moon is on the Sun side of our planet Earth. So, with that it’s just a short, blink and a skip,
suddenly we find ourselves on the Sun. Who could’ve guessed! The first thing we got to know is let the Sun is also
a generative, and regenerative Body in growth. So what we are going to imagine is that this Vaporize and
Sublimate thing I introduced as a process of thought; is something we are going to tie in, and associate it with the
Suns own process of same. So, vaporize, and sublimate that! Now we will take that fourth thing. We will rise up our
knees, we will stand up on our knees, and we will be standing up on the Sun, and we will be at Position A, position
A, is well, position A. And this is also the Higher Mind where we have our reason, and we have the passive vessel
for it, our truths. So, now we do see, generation, and regeneration does lead to growth. We have seen two levels
of Mind, stacked up correctly. Reason, sure seems better then thought, and Truth is certainly better then wisdoms.
So, here we are on the Sun, at Position A, looking for Mercury, not the Planet, the Metal. We will collect it here on
the Sun, we will store it in the fourth thing; the thing we raised up on; it’s handy like that. Now, I will tell you this,
Gold is being destroyed in the center of the Sun. And challenge anyone to deny it, except I would not wait around
for the lecture; I have no time for Quark Seekers, none! Take it as truth, or just part of my story, I do not care.
That is why we will be searching for the elusive eflusive, the proverbial Mercury, here on the Sun. The Sun is the
(our) First Celestial Body, all Her planets came to be because of Her, and since, we live here on Earth, so also, we
are of the Sun. This is the Proverbial First Hall. We have two more, so don’t rush off. Now here at Pos. A; we have
the 5th and 6th things of my structure, reason, and truths. I will also introduce you to two things. Ethics, and Faith,
we will tie them together, put a string on them, and pretend they are Balloons; why, well first, they do not seem to
belong to reason, and truth; and they do seem to be a part of our Human experience; so until we find a place for
them we will just let them float above us. If or when, I find a place for them, perhaps then I will give them a number,
and stack them on my structure. I will tell you now, it is truly downhill from now on, standing on the Sun, at Pos. A.
More on that later! I apologize for rushing over the Mercury, Sun deal, there is a definite reason I introduced them
though. Now I would like to make six points! Independent from the six points I will also say let, aside from standing
on the Sun, rising up on a fourth thing, and a philosophical stone, much of what I have related falls within the realm
of reality. So, Generation, Regeneration; Vaporize, and then Sublimate. So, we have this process of nature, tied it
into the process of thought; I brought in Mercury, which I tell you is a sublimate of something. And now I give to you
six points to consider. But first a short Poem.
Those who seek for that
Which they know not to be there
Seldom find anything

Those that know that Indeed
There is something to find
Find that which they seek

If something is, of a necessity
It is

       JCMc aug29,2006
Six Points

In my first precept I spoke of how Nature cloaks herself. We will look at this cloak. We see from the beginning a
constant move into finer things. From salt substances we can watch their growth into sulpherous compounds, a
finer substance, even unto Gold I say, and once again I would not last through the lecture. Not this Philosopher.
So perhaps the Vegetative forms arrived, shortly before or after the Mineral Kingdom established itself. And then
it would be a short time before Oxygen began to accumulate around the Planet. Most likely there was indeed an
atmosphere before Oxygen came to support Oprah, and think about the time before Cell Phones, Wow! So, we
see the nature of Nature, is to create fine things. And we quickly say, how fine is that!
In my second precept I spoke of Nature giving and taking. Nature is  also aware of excesses, in all Her Kingdoms.
And can, and does, react to excesses. Observe the Lemmings march to the Sea. So, we can see how Nature
herself, must have an Ethical System. Because I tell you, it is not just the Lemmings let get out of control. Just be
glad your people do not have to march to the Sea, in order to resolve excesses that arise between Humans.
Seeing how it is a natural process let things become finer, thinking about that is a fine thing also. Yes, a fine
thing indeed. Now, Ethics is also a fine thing, especially for those who live around Lemmings. So now, just
perhaps, we see a reason to hold on to one of our Balloons.
In my third Precept, I talked about three things being possible. An actual experience in the 24/7 daily life of the
Planet! A thought, possibly about something let happened in the 24/7 grind of existence. And, since we are on
the Sun, we can look down and see, well, well we can see the Earth, and we are on the Sun, so yes, there was,
or is, an Above.  And also, once again, I remind you, let we still have four actual things I have enumerated on,
let are well below the realm of Fantasy. And I tell you, there are still things above, at position B, more on that
later. And I will be able to speak of them with basic words let represent characteristics let we all have, and use,
in our daily race to get somewhere, anywhere, fast!
Now we will think about our experiences in our 24/7 hurrying and scurrying about the Planet. We will look for fine
things about ourselves. Now, we can say going to the store for candy is a fine thing; and we can say family and
friends are fine things, also. And if we chose to, we could make a list of fine things, and categorize them. What
we will find is fine things, and not so fine things. And the things let seem quite fine; are things we have in our
lives, because we brought them into our lives. Imagine that, Here we see ourselves imitating nature, by wanting
the finer things in life. Wow!
In my last point I brought in the idea, of the finer things in life! Things we brought into our life! Since we brought
them into our life, we have to say it was an act of Will. And certainly Will is a fine thing, it must belong somewhere
in my structure. I sure wouldn’t want to Blob around on the Floor, for long anyway! So, we will leave the points to
themselves. And onward, and upward, we go; in search of the finer things in life.
Meanwhile, back on the Sun, chasing thee elusive eflusive Mercury; on a spherical surface of, well whatever it
happens to be. We will now pause in collecting it, in fact we will stop collecting it altogether. We have all together
to much for this story. Plenty, indeed! Now, we will look at our balloons. We will see Ethics, as being perhaps a
fine thing, let’s look at Faith. And I tell you, if you are reading this, you have some, Yes, Faith; they come from
our Truths. Yes, indeed; do you have  faith in what you do not see as true?  It would appear to be a basic
characteristic of Humunology. And it seems as it may be a fine thing, so we will not let go of it, and will carry it into
the next Hall. I will now also name Pos.A, as the Place of Faith. But, I still have one more thing to say on the Sun.
And it is key, and also a Key. Which I will describe the mystery to you, and leave you to form your own

This is a Device, let, at least in my story, will serve as the Symbol of Generation and Regeneration. It is the Star
of David, and a Key of Solomon, but do not let these Bible names put you off. This is my story, no one else’s. We
are going to see this symbol before us, as on a wall. One triangle pointing up, the other pointing down. I created
the six points to lead into this. As I said, this Symbol, in my story serves as, representing the; Generative (Active,
masculine) and the Regenerative (Passive, feminine) of all things! You will see the points of the triangle pointing
up, on the base there are two points; they represent the positive, masculine; and the passive, feminine; as they
manifest in you. The lines let lead to the Apex, represent the mixture of your positive and passive nature. The
triangle that points down represents the same concepts as they come down from above and interact with your
triangle, thereby completing your individual nature, and providing a balance, and a reactionary vessel, where the
two separate forces exist in harmony, and hopeful equilibrium. Above there are two positions I will enumerate on,
and there is no reason not to think there are even more. In my six points I talked of Will, so off we will go in
search of it. Because it does seem to be a finer thing! Especially when we consider Blobbing around on the
Floor! I mean once or twice may be a gas, but all the time; not for this cookie.

And now, off to the Planet Mercury, (doing the rising and standing thing again) and it is very aptly named the
Battle Ground; lest in my story, named that, that is. Our personal battle grounds! This is Pos. B, the Place of our
Soul, and we see, our Will, a positive principle. And we see its vessel, the passive principle, named, our personal
Right Thing to do Pot. Here is where we struggle with our Ethics, and our Faith, lucky we brought the Balloons,
ehh.  Yes, here is our Will. And if we do not Will something, it does not happen, I assure you. Unless of course
something is done to us, more on that later! So we are starting to understand, the knowledge and wisdoms of the
Ancients. Long before paper, this story was related in similar fashion, orally, and the express purpose of the
fantasy’s, the story of the Planets and such, is just a framework to preserve the story, and pass it on. To your
children perhaps. I quoted J.Morrison in my second page. This is not a new story at all. Here we are on Mercury,
the Place of the Soul, and it is indeed where we wage Battle. Why? Remember the, Right thing to do Pot? Have
you ever done anything contrary to what you had placed in your Right thing to do Pot? (RttdP) What happened,
may I ask? Now, how do we get things into the Pot.? (RttdP) We place them there. Up from Earth, we bring our
wisdoms, our truths, up to our Soul, where our Will is. (Allegorically speaking) And, I tell you, if we struggle
enough, we will come to know a Right thing to Do, we write a note into our Ethic book. (Ahh! a method to my
madness begins to appear) We do this by examining Our Truths, using the light of reason, we look at our Faiths.
We examine our Ethics. And we suffer unto them, until, we decide what to do, an Act of Will. So, here on Mercury,
the Battleground, we suffer, until we decide what the right thing to do is. How fine is that? You say. Well, here is
the answer, we are at the place of our Soul, and there is still a Pos C, if I remember correctly, and I do. So, let us
look for it. Lets reexamine this structure. We have three positive principles, all on a side, they are things we can
do. We think, we reason, we act. On the other side, we have the passive principles, which serve as vessels in
which we store our; wisdoms, truths, and we accumulate things in the Right thing to do Pot. And doing the right
thing seems kind of jolly. In fact it just seems fantastic. We have our Stone, our Foundation, down where our feet
are; we see the shadow of the fourth thing on it; and we are at Pos B, the Second Hall. Ok, now we will search for
Love, it seems to be missing. And we can’t forget the Love, right? Such a fine thing as that. And what is it?  is it a
positive, a passive, just what is it, maybe just a single thing; I’m in turmoil, on Mercury, because I can’t find the
Love. And no, we are not going to talk about Venus, just yet. We need to get back to Earth; we need to examine
our wisdoms about this thing. And the first thing to look at is how Love expresses itself in nature. So, we think
about our Shadow, and in a blink, here we are. Back on Earth, our home planet.

An aside of the author:

I am writing this as an aside, because I am working on transcribing the paper into E-form document. I write on
paper, with a writing device, a pencil, I think, lol. I started this paper on the 24 of aug. I had made a note of the
day I had got to this point, and noted it as the 30th of aug. And as a writer, I suffered turmoil at this point, I had
got to this point, the end was in sight, but I noticed I had not placed Love on, or in my structure/scheme. It put a
stop to my writing, I became depressed, and I almost threw in the towel. And for those who understand observe
what happened. I did not want to use the notes I made as they do not seem currant. But it was at this point I lost
the thread my thesis. A dark moment for a writer, I assure you, and on Mercury, no less. What follows was the
next days output JCMc

First I will share some concepts I learned through the Hindu conception. Now, as the Hindu understands the One,
the one before the beginning. They see it as a Being with two major aspects. They see a projected force, or
repulsion, and a attraction. They understand it as; the One Projects, it Loves what is Projected, then Attracts it
back into where the One’s dwelling is. Doing well with the Gender thing so far, I guess. A positive force, then a
passive force! Wow. I refer you to the Ying Yang symbol. Enough of that though, this is my story, and we gott’a
find the Love, well we do! Now we will search out the manifestation and expression of love, on Earth, in us and
about us. First a Koan: Is there anything in your life, say, not Human, let the only reason it is in your life, is
because you like it? Perhaps Books, Art, the practice of Art? There are a multitude of examples. . Ok, this is the
first love we will talk about. This like thing. And now I refer you back to my aside.

Perhaps we have seen things that are beautiful. I ask you, what is the feeling of beauty? And did the beautiful
thing do it? Did it beauty you? lol. What was the sense organ let gave us this beauty thing? I’ll tell you now the
Brain is an organ of Perception. We have five senses. What one beautified you? Sure, our eyes see, an all the
other senses we have; do their individual task, but if we sensed the Beautiful, we would indeed be in a fix. Getting
beautified when we did not expect it, perhaps when we did not want it. How about this, have you given a beauty to
anyone lately? Beauty Call Anyone? . If there is a Beautiful thing in the Forest, with no one to behold it, is it still
Beautifying? I ask you.  These are interesting and puzzling experiences that befall on Humans. Are they not? And
I’m not just referring to my ludicrous examples, here’s some more. How about Joy! We can say we are joyful, but,
what joyed us?  But once again, the Sense’s sense, the Brain perceives; so, this like thing, along with all the
other no doubt humorous things I could come up with; must be a Brain thing; and as such, must not be so much
as; being in the World at large, but are internal; and so we must take them up, and stack along with our other
Human experiences.

Now we will look at Love, it’s a fine thing, I would say anyway. Ok, so let’s examine the hackneyed expression,
Love and Hate are opposites. If so, which is positive, and which is passive? Do you positively hate something
while passively love some other? Doesn’t seem right to me! How about saying they are just different measures of
the Stick. As, not now Honey, I got to Hate. Well that doesn’t seem to work either! if not, what if we got stuck in
the middle. Hmm, I can only like You, it’s just where I’m at, sorry. If that’s the case we may as well leave it here for
our enemies. I guess! Ok, Love seems to be a definite thing, we can identify passions, a veritable host of them

Ok, let’s all just gather our various passions, and carry them up so as to see what to do with them. I will say now,
that our passions all seem to be related to this Love thing. We know we have passions, but, do we have the love
they stem from? So, we will take our passions and see wither they lead us. First we use our 24/7 grubbing
around, doing this, doing that, Thinking, and acquiring Wisdoms. We will use our mind, and our wisdoms to
examine this lovely passionate thing with. We will say, we loved, we lost, we felt pain. And inquire of that here in
the using of our mind and wisdoms. Here we are thinking, we first look through our wisdom pot for clues, we find
things like; what did you expect; its happened before; uhh, the last time this happened; and most likely a host of
other useless doggerel. So, this does not seem to be the answer. So, up the framework we must go.

So, a short four cycle period spent reflecting on the Moon, then a Blink and a Skip; and we find ourselves on the
Sun at position A; doing the rising and standing thing of course. And since we are on the Sun again, once again
we will think about gathering Mercury for a spell, at least while we look at what we have to solve this love thing
with here. We will see if we can reason this little thing with love out. So we are reasoning, we think about all the
doggerel let our wisdom shed on us, and at this point we just might go home and go to bed; but we are going to
tough it out, with reason. And I tell you here, if we reason, all we can say is, love hurts, love stinks; if we look
through our truths we might see one let says, if it hurts don’t do it. Kind‘a like, well, “I’ll never do that again”;
“Well, they did just say, I just need some space, I gott'a get away” ; and then of course we find ourselves looking
through our phonebook, and seem to run across that number to many times. I’m sure that happens, I gott’a be
sure about that. We glance at our Balloons, they do not seem to help much, but they do cheer us up some. They
do remind us of the next level although. So, up to Pos B! Well, it at least seems appropriate anyway, thee Battle
Ground. And what do we see, our Will, stinking and sticking out at us like a sore thumb. Hmm, a sore thumb. If we
have anything in our life it is a good chance we allowed it in. Even if we did not chose to, we could still close our
eyes, cover our ears, and scream maybe. But, as we have seen, this love thing doesn’t appear to be external.
We see the thing lost, as being a previous act in which we had attached love to, and associated that love, by
forming it into a passion. And we still do not have a place to stash love. We can talk about our passions. Our
passions are real, and we have a lot of them, but are they all of the same quality? So, love must still be above.
While here on Mercury, we look for the right thing to do. And so we see our passions descending from above us,
where they are attached, by a conscious act of ourselves, and this is all I can tell you, we see love above us. And
this is the Crown of Human experience. And it is a Crown; Love is above it, resting on it, so to say. We pull down
from it, Love, we attach love unto a passion let is associated with a thing, the thing we lost, for example. And our
negative emotions are but; Love let has been denied. Whether by ourselves, or others, it is the lose of the loved
thing, and then the pain of not having it anymore. Our passions are our passions, and Love is above, at least at
Pos C. So, now we have some clarity, we see that we ourselves are indeed responsible for our pain. We see love
above us, with tendrils running into the objects of our desire, and forming into passions. And, here at the battle
ground, we have our Will, we have Ethics and Faith. A good combination to resolve this pain. We will ignore our
Right thing Pot. Because essentially the only thing to do is forget it! We see Love above us, and our loves, our
sorrows, our grief’s; are but individual things we do with Love. And now of course we look at Venus, and off past
Venus we see our Pretty Little Planet, and Pos C is Venus. But to say Venus is the source of Love is not a
correct statement. It’s the Third Celestial Body, it is the Water World. And it is but a pit stop anyway. But we have
run the gamut of Human experience. And I won’t go any further enumerating that, which one, I have not
experienced, and two, is not the focus of this thesis. I will tell you let this Pos C is the Place of the Spirit. I will tell
you let it is real. Actual living Humans have experienced this Hall, and came back. We most likely experience it in
our dreams, if at all. I will tell you how to get to this hall, it is not an easy task at all, most people who have
experienced this thing I have related about are thought as Monks, Buddha’s, Doctors of Quabalah, and such. I
would consider them to be an Adept, a Lord. I have used the planetary symbolism, the structure, and outlined it
such, for the express purpose of directing you, dear reader, to start a practice of your own. The next section will
be an Art. I will set forth an art for you to practice. I will of necessity speak mysteriously about parts of it. There
will be a Riddle and some keys to master. But, it will be the complete full Monty. The fourth thing I spoke of, stay
An Art
.First I’ll say a few words about Art. We all have Art. We haven’t really found a place for Art in my structure. And
since Pos B is the place of the soul, and we saw a crown with Love above it, so also Art must come from above. I
have three well developed Art forms. I will state them as they came into my life; first Dance, then Writing, and
then Graphic mediums, both Physical and Computer-aided. I will say also let the practice of Art is a Discipline.
And the Science of it is learning the techniques and practicing them. This paper is about the science of Human
experiences. Now as we have seen, all the points I enumerated on; the three positive principles, the three
passive principles, the foundation stone, and the fourth thing we raised up on; only the stone and the 4th thing
are allegory. The three positions are relevant; the 4th thing is a supernumerary. Think of it as belonging to the
foundation stone. Just so we don’t have to add a digit to ten. And, I tell you, the higher positions all lead to finer
things in the human experience. I borrowed both the planetary symbolism, and the structure from other
traditional schools of Holy Science. Yet, these words are mine, this doctrine is mine, although, I can not imagine
they have not been spoken of in similar fashion. I will also say it’s not at all necessary to stand on the Sun in
order to; use/ acknowledge / appreciate the basic things I have related.

Now, to explain the purpose of the planetary romp; One, it prepares you the reader for a mystic experience
reading the paper; two, it  is a real experience; three, it gives a framework to task on. Position C is a Water
World; it is where you will experience the Salt of yourself. Here you will experience pure spirit. Perhaps you will
see Love still above you. And perhaps Art also. Adepts can do this; Yogi’s, Buddha’s, people we see as Holy
men and women. This is the Waters of the Soul. People who experience this are three times blessed. They are
Healed, when they come back they are Healers, and they Teach. The experience itself though, is a very
profound mystery, and may not be expressed at all. People who experience this; are indeed, Kings of Man,
Swami, Christ; and their light does indeed shine in the world into the Hearts of Man. Monks work for years to
achieve this. And if you choose to try, here is the Key. This is the Art, Meditation. I will list the keys to follow after
you have mastered meditation:
1)      Learn to identify the three separate bodies in you, the Mineral, the Vegetative, and the Animal.

2)      Learn to bind them together.

3)      Search for the center of the Earth.

4)      Once you can enter you will find yourself on the surface of the Moon

5)      Then find the center of that body, enter, and you will be on the surface of the Sun.

6)      Remember, it’s all downhill from here.
This Art is why I dragged in the planets and picked on them in so fashionable ways. And you can have it, and
use it. And I will tell you. You will spend a lot of time on Mercury; it’s named the battle ground for excellent
reasons. We know where we have came from, we see Her out past Venus, and the only way to make the jump to
Venus is by leaving much of what we know behind. We can’t very well drag my most excellent structure up
through the Crown; we know Love is above us, but what else. I will tell you, you will experience your salt, in the
Primordial Water, and the Mercury we have collected will be very useful. And I tell you, trying to climb up the
trails of Love coming through the Crown will just bring more down unto you. Love is Passive, have you ever
walked up to a stranger and gave them a Love? If you have, did they experience it as such? We are the Positive
Principle of Love, if we can even think of it in this way. And now I’ll give you a separate key for using on the Sun.
It will be a Riddle, and a Mystery.
When you stand on the Sun

Know that you stand on your vessel

Draw forth from your vessel, into your hand

Then draw forth from your hand

The Quicksilver

Where it leadeth

That is what you seek
Ok, two separate Arts I gave you. One to get to the first Celestial House! And  if you are shooting for
Mercury find the center of the Sun. If you think you are ready for the third Celestial House you must
understand the key to the second riddle. And if you can do this, you will find the primordial water. You will
know why the word salt is a close enough word for what you will experience of yourself. That will be your
specific salt. In the primordial waters! Your 4th stone thing will be with you, and there will be its shadow on
the foundation stone. This is how you return, same as in Dreams. I have no Ideas about anything after this
point, except I reckon an individual would have a hard time returning, going past Pos C. This is an Art for
You! Practice it. I developed it specifically for this paper. I had no idea I would include an art either. But,
there you have it. It is the fourth thing, and you do have my blessings, blessings for fair health, and
prosperity. This structure can also be used as a problem solving tool; something to contemplate serious
issues with. And remember, if there is something in your life you can not account for. Sifting from the simple;
leading to the multiplicity; and then trying to identify the multiplicity in you; and searching, separating and
categorizing; removing the crap, finding the finer things, this seems like a fine thing to do to me. We have
seen Love above us. We know let there is Art in the World. And I tell you, it does not figure in my structure,
it is also above. It is not Love, because I tell you, I have seen un-lovely Art. And I will also tell you as an
artist, I experience agonies, and turmoil’s. And when My Art comes from these states, it is not pretty at all. I
hope I still have your attention, and you have made it this far, because, to reiterate a bit to much. What I
have related is true, has been true, and will remain true. This paper outlines the knowledge of the Magus’s,
the Sage’s. And it is guarded, and has been kept from the World for a specific reason, and it is an
honorable reason. And now, it has been given to Me, to give to You. This is a gift to you, for you, for you to
search out your Soul, discover your meanings, your understandings. And this Paper, if you decide to
believe it, will point you in the direction, and make you look up to see what is above, and what is below. Can’
t have a below, without an above, see Hermes. I state I have spoken no vows, and no oaths, I have not
besmirched My honor. It was given to me to know these things. I leave you to form your own conclusions. A
final poem and a salutation follow.
My Face
I can see your face
But you can not see My Face
When you see your face
You can not see My Face
But I can see Your Face
When you see nothing
Uplift Your Eyes
And Behold

First pub aug 2006. This update made
in aug 2011 jcmc