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                           The Legend of The Dead Monkey

Long Ago, when the Earth was Young, and there were no Humanz that had
been set upon Her, there was no Death, oh there was death, like Lion eatz
Zebra, Grizzly eatz Salmon, there was death from woundz and from
disease, accidentz will happen, but there was no Death. And since Death did
not exist, the Flesh and the Spirit were in One, and were not seperate. All
Formz of life, in the Water, and in the Land, had Their  Own Flesh and their
Own Spirit, to Govern them and guide Their  Actionz. Now, We hear of thingz
such as, King of the Apes, Lord of the Jungle, King of Beasts. Well, those
are true expressionz. Each of the Formz of Animalz in the Water and on the
Land had, a Chief, Leader, King, call it what You will, but this One, had the
most Flesh and the most Spirit of His Form. Of All the Intelligent Life
formz, I draw Your Attention to the Primates. The Primates were the Onez
of all the Life Formz that Lived on the Land, that had the most Flesh and the
most Spirit, and so, were the most resourcful, Intelligent, and prosperous.
The Primate I want You to narrow Your Focus on is the common Rhesus (Zoo,
shoot em into Space, perform experimentz on) Monkey. Just Your typical
idea of what a Monkey is; High Forehead, Curious, Intelligent, Thoughtful
Eyez. Now, He is a charactour , Alwayz playing Trickz, in fact that is what
He is, a Trickster, in one of His Expressionz(Charactourz) at least. When He
is not bzzy trying a new Trick, He is Kind and Compassionate. He has a well
developed senz of Humour, which He uses to Laugh at Himself, when He is
caught in one of His Trickz. This is one of His Most important
charactouristicz, because, when He has Tricked Himself into a impossible
situation, or the basic shit of the Wourld has piled up on Him so deep, that
He thinkz He will never be able to get out from under, all of a sudden, He
thinkz of something Funny, and startz to Laugh, He Laughz so hard, He
shakez off whatever He has got under, and walkz away and forgetz it. Now,
You may ask, what about the Dead Monkey, You have been talking about
Monkey, but not about Dead Monkey. Well listen closely, When Human was
set upon the Earth, He also was of Flesh and Spirit. And He was equal to all
formz of Life. He also had a Chief, Leader, King, who had the most Flesh and
the Most Spirit of the Humanz. Well Human walked upon the Earth, and He
was Jealous of all the other formz of Life, He was Jealous of the various
Kingz powerz, He wanted to Rule Supreme. In some Mysterious Act. Human
was able to make Himself have the most Flesh and the most Spirit of all
Formz of Life, and have Dominion over Them and over the Earth. Now, the
Creatour saw this, and said, "Now that Human has took upon Himself to
Establish His Dominance over the Earth, I must do something, because, well,
God Knowz what will Happen." So what the Creatour did is, He took the
Spirit from the Earth and All Formz of Animalz, back unto Himself, and thus,
Death came unto the Earth and all formz of Animalz. That is the reason for
the Dead Monkey, or the Dead Human for all of that.

                                                                        Sept 24 2004             

first published  9-24-04 on MSN group GothsMoshersAndRockers posted
to Gen mess board by Hotmail acct CaptCaptQualude [profile nick,
second pub by authour jcmc on 9-28-04
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