Black and White

Of all his experiences let he remembered, the ones that had the most reminiscent qualities were the
times that he spent out in the Elements, without House or Home, constantly and consistently
Exposed, exposed to the Harsh White Light, of the Sun; and also, in the Darkness, where the
Silvery Reflections of the Moon, always reminded him, that, as the Darkness follows the Light, so
must the Light return, and cast light, into the Shadows, the shadows of his Heart, his Soul. This is
the course of things, the development of what he was, a creature bred for the Darkness; Flitting
from shadow to shadow, acting in the Darkness, with only the Light of the Moon, reflecting the
White Light of the Sun, which came down from above. The reflection not only concealed his Acts,
but illuminated, and guided him, provided light, if only a reflection, and a reminder, of what he was,
and what was to come

In his early times, whenever he was able to become aware of the lightening of the Eastern Horizon,
he would shudder and shake, because he knew that, which was to come, was harsh, and would not
bring Heat nor Warmth to him, nor provide illumination unto the depths of his Heart, his Soul. For
whenever he was aware of this Dawning, he would cast a Cloak over himself, over his Heart, his
Soul. Thus, Shielding and Vealing the Darkness of his Heart, his Soul, which was all he knew, and
was terrified of, terrified, let others would know, horrified, let the Light would know, and let the
Light would make known, that, which was, and that, which should not be.

And so, it came to be, when the Dawning was to intolerable to Behold, he went unto the Abyss,
and traveled in the Caves and Labyrinths in the Nether Regions, In-paled as the time went by. He
became White, no longer would the Light be Absorbed unto him, he became a Shade, a Shadow of
that, which he once was, which, would no longer cast a Shadow, nor Reflection. And in his travels,
he would pause, when an old long forgotten Smell, or a glimmer of Light, would reach him through
Passages, Crevices, that reached up and formed unto an outlet, into that, which was above. He
would put his Nose, or his Eye to the Passage, and reflect, he would reflect on that, which he once
was; and, that which was above. He would remember when he traveled in the open, and in the
Light, the Light which came from above. He would Re-member the Blackness of his Heart, his
Soul, and how he would blanket himself, to prevent the Light from reaching his Blackness, and
casting a Shadow, and a Reflection, of his darkness, the Darkness, of his Heart, his Soul.

Then came a time when an old long forgotten Smell, a glimmer of Light, became more then he
could bear. And when he came upon the Passages, Crevices, that lead to that which was above, he
would cry out, and, his Heart, his Soul would Bleed, at the remembrance, of that, which he once
was. He would cry out, "Oh, let this Cursed Darkness, this Blackness, this Cold and Bereft
Existence, be ended, let the long night descend on me, let me sink into the Pale, the Depths, the
place of Eternal Darkness, where, my Heart, my Soul shall know no more, and not arise into the
higher planes, only to Re-member, that, which once was, and that which I once was." And then,
taking Blackness from himself, affixing it to the Passage, the Crevice, that lead to that which was
above. And then, traveling once more into the Labyrinth, all the while, becoming more Pale,
Whiter, in a land of Darkness.

The last time he came to a Passage, a Crevice, that led to that which was above, he decided he
would no longer Think, Remember, that which was above; nor would he travel in the upper
Regions of the Darkness, the Blackness. Nevermore would he seek the Passages, the Crevices, let
tormented him, and made the pain grow, until he cried out, from his Heart, his Soul; his anguish, of
the Remembrance, of that which was above, and that which, he once was. Reaching deep unto his
Heart, his Soul, he gathered all the Blackness which remained, remained in his Heart, his Soul; and
he affixed it to the Passage, the Crevice, and preceded to make his way, unto the Depths, into the
lower Regions, nevermore to Arise. And as a Pyramid, or a Cone, narrows to an Apex, a single
point, so also did the Blackness, the blackness formed a Peak, an Apex, the lowest Point, where
there was but a single Point. The Pinnacle. The Pinnacle of the Abyss.

Much to his surprise, he could not sink, he could not descend, he could not descend into the
depths, unto the Pinnacle, the Pinnacle of the Abyss, the Darkness, the Blackness could no longer
support him. The Blackness could no longer absorb that, which was not it. And in his surprise, he
became aware of his Reflection, his Shadow, he saw, that which, he was Reflected in the
Darkness. As the Blackness is that which Absorbs all of the white, the White Light, which comes
from above, and Reflect nothing, completely Absorbing, all that, which comes from above. Then
he knew, he knew that, which he was, and that, which comes from above. He was of the Light, let
came from above, and that which, forms the Darkness, which absorbs all of the white, the White
Light, which comes from above.

He then realized that he no longer needed to Vail his Blackness, his Darkness, the blackness of his
Heart, his Soul. He realized, that the light, the White Light, which came from above, is that which
Creates the Darkness, the Blackness; and, as the Darkness must follow the Light, so also the Light,
must follow the Darkness.

He then began to move, and he rose. He rose until the Black and White were in Equilibrium, and
the White Light stroke him, and was absorbed, and warmed him, and Reflected, that, which he was.


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